Alegría BioFUEL

Mineralization is the addition of mineral matter to the body.

Balanced mineralization is key to vibrancy in all living things. At Alegría Fresh, we have spent the last decade researching how to optimize soil with all types of minerals so that we produce stronger, higher yielding, pest-resistant plants that have the nutrient density of the produce our grandparents consumed. Since the 1940’s, soil has been depleted so badly that today it’s a mere shadow of its former self. Without the critical minerals we need in our body to thrive, this scenario has become devastating to humans and our ability to adapt and be resilient in the face of pathogens.

To refill the “mineral gas tank” in deficient soils, we have developed Alegría BioFUEL, a powerful blend of micronized minerals, probiotic clays and microbes that will transform your depleted soil into rocket fuel.

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