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Plants are constantly extracting the minerals they need to thrive, and once you harvest, you need to refill the “gas tank” of minerals and microbes to produce another optimized crop. Bioavailability, the ability for the plants to uptake the chelated minerals, is key here. We highly micronize our minerals to improve bioavailabilty and speed up the process by which the critical minerals can become bioavailable to the plants in the form they need. Amending the soil each turn with our BioFUEL allows us to produce 6-8 crops per year, using the same base Alegría Living Soil. We normally “ignite” the amended soil with our 100% liquid organic emulsion comprised of fish hydrolyzate, kelp and humic acid and two days later we plant the new crop. With green romaine, this process has proven to yield superior nutrient-dense lettuce every turn with the Soxx lasting for up to three years.

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