We received some great news this week!

In a nutshell, BofA is funding our Phase 1 SoxxBoxx expansion at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County (SHFB). This means that the SHFB will be producing food on-site to buffer against food disruptions that have occurred from the current pandemic. Shari Battle (BofA) and Harald Herrmann (SHFB) have exceptional vision and great passion for what we do. As Partners, we all worked diligently together to make this happen. Food production is considered Phase 1 and we will still be pursuing the fully integrated Alegría Farmacy onsite at the SHFB as the crisis resides. see

Personal thanks go out to you all out team that has been honing their valuable and unique urban farming skills. I have really enjoyed working with all of you lately and look forward to building the high performance SoxxBoxx Farm to help alleviate hunger in the OC. I especially value your passion toward feeding others our superior nutrient-dense food we grow at Alegría in the SoxxBoxx system. Our synergistic skill sets we bring to our table can help to beat this crisis in many ways. We are now recognized as the front-line defense in human and environmental health and have a big job to do with several national companies behind us. Special thanks go out to all our Partners for their support, see

Having persisted over ten years in this mission, I cannot stress how significant it is that BofA recognized (and funded) expanded on-site SoxxBoxx food production capability at the Food Bank. Specifically, BofA has connected their Emergency National COVID funding with our critical need to produce regenerative organic food onsite at food banks. Thankfully, BofA considers this a real emergency at their corporate level and we have great gratitude that they have demonstrated such powerful corporate responsibility, not just to us but to their entire workforce. With this initiative, Food Banks become Farm Banks, which dramatically strengthens Community Resilience and Food/Energy Security. This investment represents a major paradigm shift within the healthy food conversation. Locally-grown foods are now recognized as being of critical importance to the resilience and well-being of our communities. It’s even creating green jobs! As you can guess, we will be pursuing the Alegría Farmacy initiative at a national level to assist other food banks to create access to locally-grown healing food, free of outside disruptions.

We are be expected to have the SoxxBoxx expansion up and running at SHFB by May 25th, so there’s much to be done over the next six weeks!

Stay tuned:)

Erik Cutter
Managing Director
Alegría Fresh