Q: Why is the integration of the Alegría SoxxBoxx system, Arch Solar greenhouse and Impact Bioenergy anaerobic digester so important?
A: This is a three-step answer based in Soil Health = Human Health = Environmental Health

  1. The SoxxBoxx system provides for toxin-free, regenerative organic food production over repurposed land we call “tractorless” nutrition farming;
  2. The Arch Solar greenhouse is a modular, beautiful, hurricane proof and highly efficient greenhouse design that allows for production of food and energy within its base shipping containers;
  3. The IB digester recycles waste organics to produce soil amendments and methane, a natural gas which can also be used to create electricity and water recovery from the air in the greenhouse.

By investing in a regenerative organic zero-waste, carbon negative food production system deployed within a temperature controlled and protected environment, superior fresh food can be provided anywhere, anytime.

Q: How much does an Alegría Farmacy cost?
A: A fully integrated Alegría Farmacy, depending upon how many production modules are required and how much organic recycling is desired, starts at $550K.

Q: How much money does an Alegría Farmacy generate?
A: Based upon the $550K entry level module, it can generate between $400K and $700K per year.

Q: Can the Alegría Farmacy model be expanded and scaled up to meet increased demand?
A: Yes, the production modules are approximately 2,500 sq. ft and additional modules can be added as demand increases.

Q: Why is access to fresh nutrient dense food important?
A: There are numerous reasons but the one that is most critical, is that food produced in biologically-rich living soil (free of toxins and regeneratively grown locally) provides the body with the optimized vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals that are missing in most of the food we consume today. Most conventional produce found in our current distribution system is hardly more than fiber and water.

Q: Why is “locally-grown” so beneficial?
A: Food travels an average of 1,500 miles and is usually 3-5 days old when it arrives. Most fresh food, especially greens, herbs and many vegetables oxidize quickly and lose their substantial portion of their nutrient density within a matter of days, providing the body very little benefit as compared to consuming fresh, soil-grown food near the time of harvest. To compound the problem, our food today on average contains 80% less nutrients as compared to the food our grandparents ate. Most of us eat “hollow” food deficient in the nutrients we need.

Q: Why is soil used in the Alegría Farmacy instead of hydroponics?
A: Our focus is on quality first. By using 100% Alegría Living Soil under the full-spectrum rays of the Sun, we assure that every cultivar we grow optimizes its genetic potential, and that means it has the highest density of nutrients that are 100% bioavailable to our bodies. We call this “superfood.” Our soil blend is 100% organic and contains a full tank of beneficial microbes and minerals, breathes like an elite athlete, has over 15% organic matter and retains water, making it extremely resource efficient and the perfect choice for “superfood” production.

Q: What are “healing foods?”
A: Healing foods are nutrient dense, locally-grown foods that provide the body all the nutrition one needs to strengthen the immune system and protect the body from disease. Consuming a wide variety of greens, herbs and vegetables provides a full-spectrum of nutrients that nourish the microbiome, lower inflammation and keeps our immune system strong.

Q: What makes the Impact Bioenergy anaerobic digester special?
A: The primary attributes of the anaerobic digester include recycling organics onsite in a compact shipping container. This recycling of organics produces soil amendments and methane gas, creating a zero-waste carbon negative bioenergy system. The soil amendments can be used to feed the plants in the SoxxBoxx system and the methane gas can be used to generate electricity or power lights, fans, heaters, and even a dehumidifier to recover fresh water from the humid air in the greenhouse. In this way, no carbon is wasted or goes unused just like in Mother Nature, where everything is used.